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  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program
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Foundation Medicine's coverage is continually changing and expanding. Patients should reach out to their individual health plans to verify their benefits and qualifying medical criteria, as those details are not represented on this diagram.

Patients who have out-of-pocket costs associated with testing and a financial need may apply for assistance by completing the online form at Patients may apply at anytime, even before testing. If approved, qualifying patients will only pay up to $100 for each test. Financial assistance decisions will be shared with patients within days after their application is received.

Coverage Counts

Learn why more and more health plans are saying “yes” to our tests

Providers & Administrators

Broad coverage makes our tests more accessible to a greater number of patients.

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Health Plans & Benefit Managers

800+ peer-reviewed publications and 40+ FDA-approved CDx indications make covering our full portfolio an easy decision.

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National health plans cover our comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) tests

Foundation Medicine's broadest coverage to date makes it easier than ever to access our tests. Put the promise of precision oncology within reach for more of your patients.

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Anthem and other national payers cover our portfolio of CGP tests
70+ in-network health plans across the country
Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and TRICARE cover our portfolio of CGP tests
80+ regional and national commercial health plans cover our testing
UnitedHealthcare covers our FDA-approved tests

Evidence of medical necessity: the key to securing coverage

Foundation Medicine has 800+ peer-reviewed publications. We also have 40+ FDA-approved CDx indications—60% of all US companion diagnostic approvals for NGS testing.

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  • Testing informs treatment

    Our tests match specific biomarkers to clinical trials and FDA-approved therapies

  • Performance drives approvals

    Tests with proven accuracy and reliability receive FDA approvals and companion diagnostic indications

  • Efficacy builds trust

    Medical necessity gives payers the confidence to cover our full portfolio of tests

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Foundation Medicine believes every person with advanced cancer can benefit from precision medicine—and that CGP testing should be accessible to all. Learn how we're making that happen.

Broad coverage drives equitable access to CGP testing

When CGP testing is more accessible, biomarker-matched therapies and clinical trials are too—a potentially life-changing opportunity for people with advanced cancer. And with coverage by 15+ state Medicaid plans, we're helping vulnerable patients access the care they need.

Included with every one of our CGP tests: Patient and provider support

Patients spend less time on billing

Our FoundationAccess™ program is here to walk patients through the coverage and billing process—and provide information about financial assistance.
  • After receiving a test order, we review your patient's plan to see what's covered. If we expect an out-of-pocket cost, we contact your patient to let them know.
  • Any patient can apply for our needs-based financial assistance at any time—even before testing is ordered. All that your patients need to do is complete a simple form.
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paid by qualifying state Medicaid patients


patients pay $0 for testing*


out-of-pocket maximum for patients who qualify for financial assistance

*Data on File, Foundation Medicine, Inc., 2022. Based on US settled claims from 1/1/21 to 3/31/22 for all CGP and IHC tests offered by Foundation Medicine and reported during that time before considering any financial assistance. 64% of commercially insured and 97% of Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients had a $0 financial responsibility for Foundation Medicine testing. Some patients may have higher financial responsibility.

You spend more time with patients

CGP testing doesn't have to be hard. With Foundation Medicine, it isn't.
  • When allowed, we and our partner Glidian can support you with prior authorizations, helping reduce the time you spend on them.
  • Get timely CGP test results in a way that complements your workflow—via email, portal, or right in your EMR.

Frequently asked questions

How does my patient apply for financial assistance?
When will patients know if they have been approved for financial assistance?
Where do I see the patient medical criteria covered by each health plan?
What's the difference between in-network health plans and coverage?

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