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Comprehensive Bioinformatic Analysis

  • Biomarker identification and validation studies, using both conventional and non-parametric statical methods
  • Dedicated PhD scientists and Bioinformaticians to support design, execution, and analysis of your project.
  • Results delivered in a report tailored to your requirements.

FoundationCOREā„¢ Data Access/Insights

Foundation Medicine has assembled the world's largest database of comprehensive tumor genomic profiles, including over 90,000 patients across a wide range of disease types.  The data includes all somatic alterations identified in the course of clinical testing, plus mutational load, microsatellite instability (MSI), tumor mutational burden (TMB), loss of heterozygosity (LOH) indices, and basic demographic data.

ClinicoGenomic Outcome Analysis

 Through our partners with Flatiron Health and IMS Health, Foundation Medicine has co-developed a data platform that analyzes and integrates clinical treatment and outcomes data with matched comprehensive genomic profiling.

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